​As of spring 2020 we are now in the final stages of finding the right property and backing.


We would love to hear your ideas and feedback, to help us shape the project.​



Noah Walton | Founder & Project Coordinator

Born in London, Noah is passionate about creating a hostel and hub for sustainability and social change in the city. His passion comes from first-hand experience of visiting communities around the world.​ He is well organised with a track record of successful projects:

  • As a Chartered Engineer at Ove Arup & Partners, Noah has worked on projects ranging from the landmark Coal Drops Yard in King's Cross, through to Buddhist schools in the Himalayas.

  • He has co-founded two residential communities in London, both of which continue to thrive. Having lived in communities for the past 6 years, he has extensive experience facilitating successful group environments.

  • In 2015, Noah co-founded Family Sangha London, the city's first all-age mindfulness group for families.

Over the past decade, Noah has explored and stayed with many eco-villages and intentional communities. He has been practicing mindfulness with Plum Village Buddhist communities since 2006.

2019 Launch Event


Kasia Stepien | Network Developer

Kasia is passionate about bringing positive change to communities.


She is a group facilitator, experienced in fundraising and international youth work and holds Masters Degree in Strategic Business Management and Accounting. She is weaving her educational background with 6+ years of experience in working in NGO/charity sector in Poland, the Netherlands and the UK managing, coordinating and overseeing educational projects.

Kasia has lived, worked and volunteered in various communities and hostels around the world. She is 5Elements dance teacher, mindfulness practitioner and social change facilitator passionate about sustainable, low impact living and creating safe inspirational spaces for people to grow, learn and be.

Damien Brown | Property Advisor

Damien is the Co-Founder of The Space Group, a non-profit organisation that works with London-based communities to convert neglected buildings into used spaces with social value. By creatively reinventing these spaces, Damien helps to bring benefits to the occupiers, owners and wider community.


He has an expansive knowledge of property, having worked in the industry for 16 years, and is acting as a pro-bono advisor, providing invaluable insight to Eco Soul.


An independent not-for-profit

Eco Soul is a not-for-profit company forming as a charity, with explicit charitable causes are written into our governing documents to ensure that 100% of profits are reinvested in our work or donated to aligned causes. Our Trustees are completely independent, and do not get paid for their role in leading and providing oversight of the organisation.

Marcos Troia

Marcos is a certified lawyer and accountant with an MBA in Finance. He was previously a partner in an investment firm. He has worked for the Foundation of Developing Compassion and Wisdom, and was recently the Executive Director of the Jamyang Centre in London. From this role he brings valuable experience of managing volunteer-run accommodation, a community centre and cafe in London. He brings with him the experience of running this flourishing centre:

  • Jamyang Centre's short-term accommodation has close to 100% occupancy, despite not being advertised.

  • Resident Volunteer roles at Jamyang receive high numbers of applicants and are filled months in advance.

Florence Scialom

Flo has worked extensively in communications and community-building roles at non-profit organisations such as FrontlineSMS and the Humanitarian Centre. She holds her MA in Anthropology and Development from Leiden University in the Netherlands, and her BA in International Relations and Development Studies from the University of Sussex in the UK.


Currently working with the Network of Wellbeing, her core passions lie in connecting people and communities. She enjoys enabling individuals and like-minded groups to work together to make a positive difference on issues they feel strongly about.

Irina Bolychevsky

Ira is passionate about using technology to create social change. She is the co-founder of Redecentralize - promoting and bringing together networks for decentralised and democratised digital technologies. Now working exclusively in the not-for-profit space, Irina brings significant senior experience from her previous roles in companies and governments.


Alex Nunn | Community Development

Alex is a communications and mobilisation specialist with 10 years experience developing innovative projects in the third sector. In his current role at Action for Happiness he has trained volunteers across 19 countries to deliver interventions that deliver measurable increases in wellbeing, compassion and social trust. He is supporting Eco Soul to make effective and lasting social impact.

Anika Jacobs | Ecological Startups

Anika is a social entrepreneur who founded and runs the successful EcoMama and CocoMama Hostels in Amsterdam. She is well-known in the field of social innovation for the integration of sustainability in the hotel and hostel industry. Anika and her team offer pro-bono support and advice to the Eco Soul project. We shadowed and consulted with her and her team in Amsterdam for 3 days in May 2018.

Charlotte Newman | Social Enterprise

Charlotte is the Development Director at charity tech start-up CareFreeBreaks. Before this she was the COO of the Rainmaker Foundation, an accelerator programme for small charities.

Charlotte has been a facilitator for the mindfulness group Wake Up London for the past 5 years.

Samantha Moyo | Not-for-Profit Enterprise

Samantha is a spiritual entrepreneur who specialises in community building, innovation and culture change. She designs transformational campaigns with positive social impacts and is the founder of Morning Gloryville.

Morning Gloryville is a social movement that championed the sobriety movement and grew a community of 190K globally within 18 months. The organisation won the award for best Zero-Alcohol initiative in the UK and featured in over 3,000 press features worldwide. Sam has been on TED, NBC'S Today Show, BBC, Chanel 4 amoungst others. ​Everything Sam supports companies and movements that facilitate the expansion of hearts and minds. 

Esteban Ruseler | Social Enterprise

Esteban is inspired by the possibilities that a more conscious and wholesome relationship with tech can bring to society; he writes, consults and creates in this space. He has over 5 years product management experience, having previously worked in business strategy & product development. He practices meditation in the Plum Village Zen tradition.

Laurie Parma | Impact Research

Laurie is the founder of Lifecloud and an ambassador for the Art / Earth / Tech Institute. Previously a Researcher in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge, Laurie holds an MSc in Neuroscience and recently led one of the largest studies focussing on the benefits of yoga to wellbeing. Her research also covers environmental and behavioural economics, and she will be the lead researcher measuring the impact of Eco Soul on visitors’ wellbeing, citizen engagement and attitudes towards climate change. This will be measured via both qualitative interviews held periodically by PhD students on research residencies, and quantitative European Social Survey social engagement and well-being modules.

Nina Jankelson | Volunteer Fulfilment

Nina lives in a London based co-living community and works as a consultant offering workshops to transform organisations.

As a previous Volunteer Coordinator at the The Barn retreat centre in Totnes, Nina has in-depth experience in structuring and managing and organisation to supporting the fulfilment, well-being and happiness of resident volunteers.

Tom Manwell | Architecture & Wellbeing

A professional architect with Dreamstudio, Tom is passionate about co-living projects and has experience submitting successful planning applications for hostels and community hubs in London.

Tom has extensive knowledge of London's alternative and wellbeing scene. He previously co-founded both the Art/Earth/Tech London Hub and the WooWoo London wellbeing website.


Powered by love

Our hostel and hub is part-staffed by Resident Volunteers. They are the beating heart of the centre. They volunteer to live at the hostel for 6 months.

What our volunteers receive:
  1. The experience of living and working in a close community.

  2. Accommodation and food.

  3. A mentor of their choosing.

  4. Support to further develop communication and facilitation skills.

  5. Support for relevant development activities during their time at the hostel.

A fair exchange

Resident Volunteers work 24 hours per week. They assist with the running of the hostel as close-knit team. The work includes cooking, cleaning, administration, facilitating shared spaces and welcoming guests.

Volunteers tend to be motivated by the learning and social value that comes from growing, connecting and experiencing life at Eco Soul. The Volunteer Hosts are supported by a part-time Centre Manager.

Find out more

We are interested in hearing from people with a passion for community who are interested in being a future Resident Volunteer. Please contact us to express an interest.

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